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Anonymous whispered:OHMIJOSH the look of danger fanfic is incredible! I can't stop reading it. Dude I NEED another chapter... When you can ha..

Thanks, babe! Glad you like it!

-Paula :)x

Anonymous whispered:hi:) i was wondering where you found your theme? I clicked on your "Theme" link and it said there was an error :S Hope this isnt any your blog :)

we got it from her ->

whispered:Your such a talented writer! Your fanfic is amazing!!

Thank you! Glad you like it, sweetheart!

-Paula :)x

whispered:You don't understand how much I miss your old fanfic "Playing With Fire" it was amazing. I literally would check your blog everyday for a new chapter.

Oh, I miss it too, believe me! </3

-Paula :)x


Hahaha thank you, darling! Glad you like it!

-Paula :)x

Anonymous whispered:the Look of danger is amazing! keep going, i can't wait for the next Part :) xx

Yayyy! I’m glad you like it!

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Anonymous whispered:Just wondering if you're gonna update the look of danger ? It's really good !

I have midterms right now! So, I gotta study my ass off. That being said, I’ll try to write whenever I can but it might take long /: but thank you! I’m really glad you like it! 

-Paula :)x

So, what’d you guys think?

-Paula :)x

The Look of Danger (Chapter Two): Harry Styles Fanfic.

“Too Hot.”

“The affair has already started, but neither one of them is aware of it yet.”


“Mum, I’m home!” I say as I come through the garage door, leaving my car keys on the table as I won’t be staying long. I go into the kitchen being led by the delicious scent of freshly baked cookies. I instantly move to where the bowl with the dough is, ready to stick my finger in but my mum moves with almost super-sonic speed and smacks my hand, “Nuh uh, you haven’t even had dinner yet.” she says scornfully, “Hello to you too.” I say with a mocking hurt voice and smile at her. “Hello darling! How was school?” she asks as she grabs my face in her hands and leaves a sloppy kiss on my cheek. “Great! I won the game and g ot an A on my math test today!” I say proudly but just before she can congratulate me…“Well well aren’t you quite the over-achieving star. Oh, and I do believe it takes a whole team to win a game, just saying.” I hear Gemma say behind me as she too comes into the kitchen. My sister just being her sarcastic annoying self. She smirks at me as she starts peeling off an orange. “Oh, please do stop being so jealous, Gemma.” I say dismissively trying to hide the annoyance in my voice but failing miserably. “Well, don’t cry!” She says as she ruffles my hair the way she always has ever since we were little kids as if I were her puppy, “Don’t mess up my hair!” I protest as my hands fly up to fix my curls, “But that’s what I live for! God, you are such a baby, Harold.” Gemma says as she laughs, “Don’t call me that!” I warn her, “Alright alright, Gemma leave your brother alone.” Mum says as a bland smile creeps up in her lips. Gemma puts her hands up in defeat but she still has that stupid smirk on her face. “Congrats, baby.” my mum says sweetly and I give Gemma a smug smirk while she playfully rolls her eyes. “Okay dinner’s almost ready-” “Actually Mum, I can’t stay. I’m going to a party. I’m just gonna take a shower, change, and bam I’m gone.” I say cutting her off in mid-sentence and grin in a “I’m cute” way. It always works. “What? At 4:45 in the afternoon?” Gemma asks in a fake alarmed tone and this time I’m the one who rolls my eyes at her. “No, I’m giving Niall, Louis, and Zayn a ride there.” I say tiredly. Mum purses her lips and crosses her arms over her chest, considering the idea. “When will you be back?” she asks suspiciously as she raises an eyebr ow at me, “Oh, come on.” I whine and Gemma snickers. Oh, she’s enjoying this a little bit too much. “Twelve.” Mum says as if randomly choosing a number. I smirk and shake my head “I’ll text you.” I say as I head out of the kitchen and make my way upstairs, but not before I hear Gemma complain about how much they let me go out and how she barely leaves the house which makes me laugh. 

After I take a hot shower I change into a pair of jeans and a half buttoned up shirt, showing off the necklace that sits on my collarbones. The ladies love that. I ruffle my hair so that it looks just the right kind of messy and put on some cologne. “Looking great there, Styles.” I muse at my reflection with a proud grin plastered on my lips. Must be illegal to look this good. As I make my way downstairs I walk over to the table where I left my keys, “ God, what did you do? Pour a bucket of cologne over your head?” Gemma asks grudgingly from the couch in the living room as she fakes an excessive amount of coughing, so I walk up to her and throw my arms around her, “Yeah! Here have a sniff, sis!” I laugh as I hug her tightly “Let me go!” she protests and so I do giving her a smug smirk as she rolls her eyes at me and goes back to watching some cooking show. “Say, Gemma you should go out more. Don’t you have any friends?” I ask in too innocent tone because I just love being the annoying little brother, I walk out the door but not before I hear her loud and satisfactory “SHUT UP!” and get a pillow thrown at me. As soon as I step outside the house, goose bumps appear on the back of my neck and arms feeling the familiar sting of the cold air against my skin as the temperature drops. Soon enough we’ll be covered in snow. So, I quickly climb into my red Audi R8, twisting the keys into the ignition making the engine purr deliciously and step on the pedal. I drive through the streets pumping up the volume when Holy Grail by Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake comes on the radio, I feel great. Well, I mean I am great. Tonight should be fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a party before. This poor girl has no idea what’s coming her way. A triumphant smirk appears on my face as I imagine Zayn and Louis giving me their money. Distracted by my thoughts I almost don’t see the two people who are crossing the street. “Shit!” I say as I quickly step on the brake, making the tires squeal against the pavement. I stop just in time to see Louis and Zayn’s surprised looks. “What the fuck man?” Zayn yells as he kicks the car. I roll down the window and stick my head out. “You’re not supposed to cross the street here, dumbass. Do not kick the car.” I say as they climb into the car. &ldqu o;Shotgun!” Louis says excitedly as he pushes Zayn out of the way. “Whatever.” Zayn says in his usual tired tone as he climbs in the backseat and smacks me in the head, “Hey!” I protest fixing my hair once again. People seriously need to stop touching my hair. “Christ, how much cologne can you possibly put on?!” Louis complains as he wrinkles his nose and Zayn laughs as he starts lighting up a cigarette, I then quickly turn to look at him, “Can I help you?” he asks bored as he puts the cigarette to his mouth, “Remember that ‘not in the car’ rule I have?” I ask annoyed, “Nope.” he replies as he blows smoke in my face making my eyes sting as I almost cough to death, “Pussy.” he laughs and I let it drop for now. I’m still gonna win the bet anyway. I park in front of Niall’s house and two minutes later he’s climbing into the car. “Sup?” he s ays making an emphasis on the P. “Harry almost ran us over.” Louis says shooting me a glare, “They were jail-walking!” I protest and hear Niall laugh in the back. “What were you doing in the middle of the street anyway? I thought I was to pick you up at your place.” I say rolling down the windows, “Hey! It’s cold!” Zayn protests as he tries to hide deeper into his leather jacket, “That’s what you get for smoking in my car.” I say triumphantly as I see his teeth chatter from the cold breeze, not wanting admit that I’m actually freezing. “We were getting some…stuff.” Louis says with a mischievous look in his blue eyes, and that’s when Zayn pops out a Ziploc bag with some green “stuff” in it. “Pot. You brought pot into my car. Are you serious?!” I protest in a shaky voice. “OH TONIGHT’S GONNA BE SO DOPE!” Niall exclaims as Louis and Zay n laugh. 

We pull in front of an average looking house. I stare up at it and look at the multiple beer cans that litter the front lawn along with the multiple drunk people. Well, I only look at the drunk girls really. Drunk girls means easy girls. But tonight I’m not looking for easy. “Alright, let’s go.” I say as we all climb out of the car. As soon as I start walking towards the house people start chanting and wooing. “No one can, no one can, run run like our quarterback can!” is what they chant. All I do is nod of and smile when necessary course while Niall, Zayn, and Louis follow close behind. Suddenly a redheaded girl stumbles her way towards me and crashes against my chest rather clumsily. She’s wasted. “Omygod, Harry you’re so hot.” she slurs and I hear my friends laugh and mock her loud and incoherent “Omygod”, I put my hands on her arms trying to ste ady her up. “Uh, yeah thanks, darling.” I say trying really hard not to laugh, “Omygod, I love your accent.” she says bringing my face really close to hers, at this point Louis, Niall, and Zayn are dying of laughter along with the multiple people around. I move away in disgust as her breath reeks of alcohol, “Right. Listen, you can embarrass yourself all you want. But you’re embarrassing me right now, whatever your name is.” I whisper harshly and she quickly moves away. Her eyes grow watery and I put my fingers under her chin. “Now now.” I pout and laugh moving away from her drunken mess and walking into the house. “YEAH HARRY!” a couple of cheerleaders along with some of my team mates yell as soon as I come in. Then some dude I don’t know puts his arm around me, “Step aside and let the man come through!” he says in a booming voice. “Hey, thanks for coming man!” he says enthusiasti cally, “Yeah no problem uh…” I say uninterested in whatever he has to say and because I have no idea what his name is. “Joey.” he says trying to catch my attention once again when my eyes wander, “Right, Joey. Your party yeah?” I say taking his arm off of me, “Yeah! Yeah!” he says a bit too excited. God, he’s worse than Niall. “I’m in your math class?” he insists, “Of course you are. Anyway see you around, Johnny!” I say sarcastically patting him in the back and walk away from him as he says “Joey actually!” I roll my eyes. See, guys like him just want to pretend like they’re my friends because that’ll give them some sort of social status. Ridiculous really. So, I drink and dance with a couple of really drunk girls. But my eyes always wander as I look for the grey-eyed girl. With a beer in my hand, I walk around as the music blares and people congratulate me . When suddenly someone crashes into me, making me spill my beer all over a girl who apparently doesn’t mind showering in beer. I turn around to see it’s Zayn. “Alright man, calm down I didn’t know she was your girlfriend.” Zayn says holding his hands up as a dark haired and furious looking guy pushes him around. So I come in between them. “Hey hey, alright that’s enough okay?” I say to the guy and shoot Zayn a “what did you do now?" glare. Then a girl with straight blonde hair and blue eyes comes up from behind the guy. "Oh, hi Harry!” she says bubbly. Becca. “Oh, hello. Um, Becca.” I say confused, “You know this guy?” the guy asks her, “Yeah! This is Harry Styles!” she says with a big smile, at hearing my name the guy’s expression changes instantly, “NO WAY! HARRY MY MAN!” he yells excitedly in a booming voice and he pats me a bit too hard in the back. “ Harry, this is Jay! My boyfriend.” Becca says and I hear Zayn laugh behind me, but he stops quickly when Jay shoots him a “I’ll kill you” glare. “Boy-boyfriend huh?” I say nervously. “Yeah man, isn’t she great?” Jay asks proudly as he hugs her tight. Becca’s eyes never leaving mine as she bites on her lower lip. “Right. Anyway, if you’ll excuse us.” I say quickly as I grab Zayn by the arm making him spill his drink, “Hey!” he protests I turn to look at him and notice his blood-shot unfocused eyes and his too pink lips. He’s so high. “Are you baked?” I ask trying not to laugh as he puts his hands on both sides of my face, “Like a cake!” he exclaims and starts laughing like an idiot, “Try not to get beat up tonight, okay?” I ask tiredly as he laughs “Man, I feel grrrrrrreat!” he says in a high pitched voice and I laugh, tha t’s when I feel a tug on my arm, and as I turn around I see it’s Becca. “Hey, can I talk to you?” she whispers as her index finger starts to run up and down my chest. “Sure, go ahead. Talk.” I say annoyed by her mere presence, “I’ll leave you two alone. Oh, by the way you’re a terrible kisser.” Zayn says to Becca as he laughs like a maniac and I try to contain my own laughs. “And you’re friends with that guy?” she asks annoyed, “Yup! What do you want, Becca? Shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend?” I ask as I grab her drink and take a gulp from it. “Oh, is someone jealous?” she asks in a patronizing tone and I laugh, “Hardly.” I reply, my voice lacking any sort of interest. She then moves closer to me and puts her lips to my ear as her hand starts moving down, and down, and down…Oh boy. “I should be with my boyfriend …but I’d rather have you fuck me in the back of your car again.” she says seductively and a low laugh escapes my lips, as she plays with the zipper or my jeans. I actually consider the idea. I’m drunk, I won the game, I mean, I should be celebrating right now…and I’m not gonna lie I do love dirty talk and the way her hand’s moving is truly making me crazy. Besides I can’t find the girl anywhere. I’ll just pay Zayn and Louis, pair of bastards probably need the money anyway. I smirk down at Becca but just when I’m about to tell her that we should leave my eyes trail over to the fireplace where a girl stands with her arms crossed over her chest. Her long wavy hair sitting nicely over her light olive toned skin. She turns to look at me with an arrogant look on her face. I don’t recognize her until I see deep into her mesmerizing eyes. Two sets of eyes, my green and her grey locked onto each other. Her eyes are fierce and intimidating. Her eyes are searching, piercing, staring, caressing, touching, kissing and above all seducing me. Maybe it’s because I’m drunk or horny but she looks extremely beautiful and exotic and I need to have her tonight. Athena Collins, you’re mine. Our eyes only meet for like half a second before she goes back to talking to a short brown eyed girl who keeps looking my way and back at her, chattering excitedly. “Hello?” I hear someone say in an annoying tone, as I come back to my senses I turn to look back at Becca. “Look Becca you’re slutty and that’s great. Last friday, I was wasted and horny and hey there you were. But truth is I don’t even remotely like you, I actually think you’re quite annoying and needy so why don’t you go back to big old Jay and le ave me alone yeah?” I say bluntly my eyes never leaving the prize that stands by the fireplace. My prize. “But-but…” Becca stutters but I’m already walking away from her. 

As I walk through the crowd of drunk dancing people I make sure everything’s perfect. I breathe into my hand. Okay, breath’s fine. I run my fingers through my hair and get it to look perfectly messy. But just when I’m about to reach her, someone again stops me. You have got to be kidding me. This time it’s Louis. “Hey, have you seen Zayn?” he asks quickly. “I-yeah he went over to the couch I think. Do you mind?” I ask annoyed as I try to pass him by. “Mind what?” he asks and then follows the line of my gaze towards the elegantly annoyed with life Athena. “OH! Wait wait I need to get the others! We must ALL see how you get turned down!” he says excitedly, “What, but -” “Don’t move!” he says and runs towards Zayn who was apparently sitting with Niall and Liam. How convenient. All four of them stand against the wall, with smirks on their faces while Louis gives me a thumbs up. “Idiots.” I say smirking and walk towards the fireplace. “Oh my God, I think he’s coming here!” the short brown eyed girl whispers rather loudly to Athena who turns her uninterested grey gaze towards me. “Ladies.” I say in a low and sophisticated tone. “Hi! Great game today!” the girl with brown eyes says excitedly but I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but the grey clouds that are the eyes of this girl. “Are you lost?” Athena asks in an menacing tone. Her voice’s melodic and sarcastic, which makes me crazy for some reason. And for a moment I am lost at words. What the hell is your problem Harry Styles? She’s just another girl! Her frien d punches her in the arm and I seem to snap out my momentary trance. “Oh yeah. Lost in those pretty eyes of yours that is.” I say smirking, “Really?” she asks trying to contain her laughs, but not in a “I’m flattered” way but more in a “Are you fucking kidding me?” way. I swiftly turn to look over to the guys who are laughing by now, as Zayn and Louis pump fists. Oh, hell no. I am not getting turned down by some pretentious chick. “I think you’re the only girl I’ve ever met who repels compliments. Would you rather have me insult you?” I ask smugly, if I can’t charm my way into her pants then I’ll get on her nerves until she gives in. I smoothly put my hand on the wall just beside her shoulder, leaning in close enough that I can see the tiny specks of blue in her eyes, and I get a hold of her scent. Something like spring flowers and the ocean along with a hint of tequila. I take noti ce of her features. Her lips are full, her cheekbones prominent which gives an extra edge to her intimidating yet intriguing eyes. Long, dark lashes frame the storm of her eyes, adding dimension and fringe around the hue. It’s not like any other colour I’ve ever seen. Normally when I do this they’ll flinch or their breathing will quicken but I get none of those reactions which confuses me. “Listen, whatever your name is. You’re invading my personal space and I might just kick you in the balls if you don’t back off.” she says with a forced smile as she plays with the necklace that hangs around my neck. “Are you actually going to pretend you don’t know my name?” I flirt as I feel her breath cascade on my skin. “No need to know the name of another douchebag, now do I?” she flirts back. “No worries, babe. You’ll know my name by the end of the night.” I say as I wink at he r. She shakes her head and smirks. Then out of nowhere her friend decides to come into the conversation. “Okay, Harry this is Athena. Athena this is Harry. You two have fun.” she says quickly and leaves but not before she gets a death glare from her friend. “Athena. That’s an interesting name.” I say as a smile creeps up on my lips. “Can’t say the same about yours.” she says nonchalantly. “Are you always this odious?” I ask amused, “I don’t know, are you always this condescending?” she asks defiantly, Oh, come on! “Okay, you can stop pretending you don’t want me now, sweetheart.” I say as my finger starts making circles on her collarbone. “Whoa, calm down there, Narcissus.” she says with a flirty smile. “What does that saying say again? Can’t be loved by others if you don’t love yourself first?” I muse, as I sneak my hand underneath her shirt, rubbing little circles against her hip bone, “Well, I guess you don’t have to worry about rejection, now do you?” she asks and her eyes sparkle with some sort of delicious mischief. That look has me on the tip of my toes. “Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting.” I admit earnestly, as she lets out a short and charming laugh. "Okay, tell you what. Let’s play a game.“ she says playfully, her every syllable flirts which is really turning me on to be honest. "I love games.” I reply as I see that mischievous glint in her eyes. So she grabs me by the hand and leads me out of the living room. I turn to look at Zayn and Louis triumphantly who just stand there with incredulous looks along and a nice touch of open mouths. Priceless. I laugh to myself. God, I’m good. 

We then walk into a room and she closes the door behind us. I sit on the bed. Feeling quite excited at what’s about to happen. This is gonna make up for such a great story. I’m gonna be a hero. Maybe she’s freaky. Oh, yeah I like freaky. The thought of her being naked suddenly comes to my mind and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Thank God I’m wearing baggy jeans. Oh oh, what if she ties me up! Oh that’d be great! “Right, so what game are we playing?” I ask clearing my throat and my head. Christ, get a hold yourself. “We’re gonna play a little game I like to call 'Too Hot’” she says mysteriously as she sits next to me. Her bright and piercing eyes are so dominant. Like that of an owl. Or an ongoing storm as if her brain is always working on something, always planning. Always ready to spring. Almost warlike. She radiates this sort of power, like an aura, that makes my skin tingle. “Too Hot? Alright, sounds fun.” I say moving closer to her and put my hand on her thigh hoping to slowly make my way up. She looks at my hand almost in disgust and takes it away from her thigh. “Yeah, so here’s how the game works. There’s two players,” she says seductively, “Who kiss without stopping or touching each other, yeah?” she asks as if making sure I’m still paying attention, which I hardly can with the massive boner that’s forming inside of my boxers. “Yes.” I reply as she runs her index finger along my collarbones. Oh, God. “And if one player touches the other; He or she loses. The winner gets to do whatever he or she wants to the loser. Simple enough?” she says drawling on each word with painful slowness, and all I seem to be able to get out is a weak, “Mmhmm.” as she moves her hair out of her eyes. “Good.” she says triumphantly. She then grabs both of my hands and puts them behind my back so that she’s out of my reach. She places her delicate hands on her thighs and moves close to me. Because I’m not the patient type in no time I crash my lips to hers resisting the urge to run my hands through her hair. Even though losing might not be so bad, I’m used to winning and I will win. She suddenly pulls back, “Relax. Take it slow.” she whispers and leans in. Her lips are soft and they taste like mint. The contact makes my lips tingle and the way our tongues come together is making me crazy. “You’re a really good kisser.” I say in between kisses and she smiles against my lips. I feel her bite on my lower lip and a small moan escapes my lips. Her hands never moving whereas mine itch to touch her body. They itch to feel the skin beneath her shirt, to feel her every curve. She breathes hotly into my mouth like&h ellip; like that, and it makes go insane. "Fuck it.“ I say, my breathing ragged as my hands fly up to her legs. I manage to put them around my torso as I make her lay down on her back. The heat of the friction of her jeans rubbing against my crotch, igniting my bones into an emotion that has me winding up into a ball of energy. My mouth roaming the curve of her neck, sliding down between the smooth skin of her shoulder and the bone of her collar. My hands are frantic movements, fingers plucking at every inconvenient fabric of clothing covering the rest of what is to soon be exposed. I want her so badly. My hips then slide against hers every time I steady myself above her. She’s driving me absolutely mad. I don’t understand why but she is. Her mere touch is electrifying — I press myself against her thigh, where my fingers are now sliding down to when suddenly everything stops. She looks at me as both of our chests rise and f all rapidly. And then something that I’ve never seen before crosses her eyes. Confusion. It’s such a weird emotion in her as she always seems so confident about everything. But that look is quickly replaced by one full of victory. "What-why’d you stop? I thought we were having fun?” I ask trying to catch my breath. God, seriously? Get a grip, Styles. This is not like you. “You lost.” she says with a triumphant smirk painted on her pretty lips. I laugh, “Yes, I did didn’t I?” I say licking my lips, already excited for whatever follows. “Now, I get to do whatever I want to you.” she says as her hand slowly makes it’s way up my thigh. I smile in satisfaction. “I’m all yours, baby.” I say confidently. That’s when she out of nowhere decides to slap me right across the face. “OUCH!” I exclaim putting my hand to my cheek as she quickly stands up and straightens her clothe s as well as fixes her hair. “What the hell was that for?!” I protest and she laughs, “I don’t know. I guess I just felt like slapping you, pretty boy.” she says nonchalantly and turns on her heel making her way towards the door. I let out an unbelieving sigh as I hold my face. “Wait!” I protest, and she turns around slowly. Her face is a mask of annoyance and yet there’s some sort of amusement in it as well. She gives me a cruel smirk. “What? You actually thought I was gonna let you win that bet? Harry darling, you’re pathetic.” she says with stinging words, “I-I…” I stutter and feel my face go hot. Yet I don’t know if it’s because I’m so angry, or embarrassed, or maybe it’s both. She laughs and opens the door as she gracefully flips her hair. “No one messes with me, Styles. Au revoir, asshole.” is all she says before she shuts the door behind her. Leaving me confused, angry, hot and bothered in a stranger’s room. 


-Paula & Claudia :)x

Hi, guys! So school’s been really busy lately! However don’t think I haven’t been writing. The second part of The Look of Danger is nearly done, so yeah don’t lose hope :)

-Paula :)x